Circular pyramids

An interesting thing that seems to support Microsoft is a kind of pyramid scheme. If management at a corporation buys Microsoft stock and then helps to maintain their monopoly, it is like taxing everybody without their knowledge. If management decisions are made to support Microsoft, they gain indirectly and no one is the wiser that they are being used. I am sure that using Microsoft as the carrier wave is not the only way to achieve the same goal. Most people are oblivious to the way in which they can be used without their knowledge or consent.

While considering memory usage I came up with this:

pmap -x `ps -A | grep Ants |cut -d " " -f 1`

I thought it was quite cunning and as time goes by, it gets easier to combine shell commands to get the results without a bunch of digging about through information by hand. In this case I list all processes running "ps -A" and pipe that to "grep" to select the process by running name. Then it is piped to "cut" where I use "-d " "" to set the delimiter between fields as a space. After which "-f 1" selects the first field. The entire action is enclosed in back quotes, which I call scary quotes. This substitutes the process ID number as the second operand of "pmap". Command substitution can be done in a shell script with $(ps -A) also. I use the scary quotes because they are easier to type and it is one less key stroke. For clarity sake I use the $() substitution in scripts as it is difficult to quick read a script and realize there is going to be a command substitution.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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