Black Holes with kaleidescope eyes

Considering the concept of a neutron star it is reasonable to assume that it progresses as supposed. There are other things in the universe and it occurred to me the starting materials and progression does not have to start with the commonly assumed structure. Certainly a neutral entity like a star, which tends toward electrical neutrality , would progress generally as suspected. The case I am considering is a cloud of electrons which tip the stability of a neutron star.

The balance of force would never allow the existence of an electron star? since repulsive force is many orders of magnitude above the attractive force. It does allow a charged star and this is where it gets fun. If it is assumed that an electron cloud is infinitely compressible, then it cannot compress to a singularity. So then I will do the calculations and see what possible structures would be reasonable to consider as products of an electron cloud crossing the Schwarzschild radius and entering the interior space near a singularity.

It seems at first glance that a cloud of electrons act differently in terms of its compression and thus the calculation of compressibility. Initial velocities and position would have some effect on the final computation. It seems to me that a composite calculation would yield better results. The consistency of the model itself would lead to some predictions. Considering gravity to be homogeneous does lead to certain final states and the fact that a singularity is not measurable in any common sense does create some difficulty in categorizing the results.

The equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass is the question and a specific calculation on observables should be sufficient to resolve that question. It is obvious that the system of calculations and assumptions is incomplete. Static potential upon a charged singularity. Can a singularity be charged? It seems that generalizing does not even come close to the complexity needed to explain the process. Simple calculations on unusual configurations convince me that the absolute nature of the Schwarzschild radius as an event horizon is a misnomer.

It is a complex situation and when changes in relativistic mass and thus changes in charge to mass ratio are considered it becomes a system with many different interesting corner cases. Perhaps some will reflect a property of matter that can be applied without a technical singularity.

In genetics I discovered and interesting relationship which perhaps is the start of a new science. The rate of change of new discoveries is a measure of what is likely to be still unknown. It could be considered as reverse Michaelis-Menten kinetics and so the product of the enzyme ( research ) and the concentration of substrate ( unknown ) could be inferred by the rate of the process itself. In general terms, the number of new discoveries given the amount of research does produce more new products. It would be my assumption that if it is rate limited by the unknown, it is not observable.

ADDED: An interesting consequence is that it is possible to observe the universe in a rather unusual way that allows the verification of the position of stars at great distance from the Earth. I will take the data and see if the conjectures of position based on luminosity and type match this method, which is not dependent on an arbitrary scale, but gives an exact value of the position of the stars.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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