Impossible Markov Models

The are parts of a global Markov Model system that are either weakly represented or impossible for many different reasons. The landscape of that region has even more information than the known and selected region.

This link to a blog ( (Wordpress (Integer overflow) [ Hidden Markov ] ) for reference and to look through the observations.

The light blue circled region is the part of a living system that is an impossible ghost of the process. Below is the code to generate the graph of the relationships.

digraph Name { "DNA C"[color="purple"] "DNA G"->"DNA T" "DNA T"->"Organism advantage"[label ="positive" color="green"] "DNA T"->"Alternate disadvantage"[label="negative" color="blue"] "Organism advantage"->"DNA T"[color="green"] "Alternate disadvantage"->"DNA G"[color="red"] "DNA C"->"Organism dead" "Organism dead"[color="purple"] "DNA C"->"DNA G"[label="weak -" color="purple" len=2.5] "DNA G"->"DNA C" "Model 2" }


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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