Mitochondrial Eve and Monte Carlo Methods

The title is just something I was thinking and it occurred to me that until they have tested every single person on the planet, they will never know if they all come from the same mitochondrial tree. I also was thinking that some genes could be reversed with no effect if they were palindromes.

I had been planning to make a tree program that grows trees and various other things and this tutorial about plants is really informative. ngplant Making Trees and the second image is a snapshot of the package running and a thing I did in a few seconds of testing. The top image is one that is imported in blender from the examples. It should be very helpful in understanding the relationships. Strangely, I had assumed most of what they discovered about rotation, Fibonacci and basic model organisms. Great fun and useful too. The package assembles easily and uses "scons" and "mercurial".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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