Abject Infinity (AI)

I spend as much as 16 hours a day studying every topic that I can imagine. It was mostly Feynman and physics yesterday and today it was how intelligence is established and expressed in people or animals. It is becoming more clear that others will likely not understand the newest physics, and many, even the old physics. It is an accident of nature that allows the understanding. As all things are infinite, there are too many chess games to say that any one person could win every time against a comparable opponent. It is ever more obvious that a person excels at what they practice for life. I began studying relativistic physics at an early age and so it is what I see in everything. I am not always right, but I continue to extend my understanding. Like the image from the Lady Chess Master, I see the physics everywhere and it comes easy to see how it really works. The problem is that it would require a complete new perspective and there are infinitely many.

Today I designed a "Jump Drive" that can theoretically go from dead stop to near "C" in less than a second. It revises and extends an earlier design for an atmospheric craft that can do 20G jumps in the atmosphere. If this were done in the atmosphere it would not virtually, but literally explode.

There is a deep horrible flaw in the understanding of physics at the quantum level and though there have been many things that come from the rather convoluted understanding , a deeper understanding reveals why it works and why it is so very odd in its application and technique.

Something else I realized is that a super intelligent machine would not be as wonderful as people might imagine. Because the universe is so complex, even a super brain would be limited in its scope and as a result would not be infallible and omniscient, but a great talent in some area, but not all. It is an approximation of understanding and there is no short circuit to the traveling salesman's final route.

d\mathbb{E}=f\cdot dx=v^2 dm+(c^2-v^2)dm=dE=C^2 dm

Above is the LaTeX for the equation and this is obligatory. Learning LaTeX (LayTek) has many advantages as it allows the creation of constructed documents of great quality. I have several books on subjects of interest to me, and it allows it to be represented in such a way that I can return to subjects and understand where I have left off. TikZ is a real advantage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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