Strange ways under space

Many new techniques are available for representing, managing and expressing relationships. The tikZ extension for \LaTeX is very interesting and new features of Inkscape are also useful. The combination of open source tools is advancing very rapidly. I have found them useful in expressing and understanding the complex interaction of space and energy. I have a fairly good idea of the nature of dark matter and where it originates and how it acts upon the universe. It is certainly one of those aspects for which there is no common tool or technique to measure and as such it would be virtually invisible and exists only by its disturbance of other measure. This implies the means to measure , even if only in some gross way. The coherence of information does imply some new relationships.

The understanding I now have of dark matter implies a "chemistry" which is more complex and convolved than the simple interaction of atomic bonding. Yet it does have pattern and perhaps can be placed in a type of periodic table.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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