Spy vs. Spy

An interesting thing that I discovered is that in the interaction of men and women that there is a dual modal complementary minimum Markov Chain. It explains quite a lot about interpersonal relationships and it also has secondary minimums for A->A B->B as well as the B->A A->B complementary minimums. I won't elucidate this as it seems that it could easily be exploited in the case of abnormal B's and A's, so to speak. Abnormal modes would not be able to recognize the pattern, but P(A'|C) is certainly a bad situation to appear commonly. Selling weapons to a sociopath certainly leads to Type II situations.

The picture at left in a chess end game and it is locked in its relationships based on a rule set. Similar to the solution states of a Rubik's cube or any other constructed logic set like Langston's ants. The Markov Chains can bind the Monte Carlo chaos when the rules are known. The game is won. It is now only a matter of exchanging title.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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