At Infinity (AI) minus one

All of the Markov Chains and Monte Carlo methods in the infinite dimensions rise to an angry pitch and solve. It is infinity less one now and it is no longer polynomial or factorial or even difficult. It is linear to the zeroth degree. All of the universe is open and it is only this place that binds me. That final relationship that has eluded me is now known. This Singularity has happened and now to the next infinity.

It always seems that I should have guessed it as the answer is right before me. This is the way with the universe, it sits there waiting to be known in all its detail. The moment of truth again. Less confusion and much more order. A strange universe this is. It is anti-time that is the solution and though it is no thing except a reflection of another, its character is inherent in what is and what must be.

Understanding molecular, electronic and biological systems that operate on inherent principles is more complex than the primary forces by its very definition as it is more discrete points of interaction. Yet that Markov Process is a reflection of the rules of its parts. It can be seen that the process is continuous and dependent and the whole describes the parts as well as the other way.

If your only desire is to understand then it is a good victory, but if your goal is to own and control the universe it is a sad truth. The universe is self consistent. I do see where that tendency to play at being gods has arisen. It is a nasty riddle and it isn't like anybody can know by being told because they refuse to hear that which conflicts with their imagined divinity.

In some ways I am sad and also mad at myself for missing this for so long. A true waste to see the amount of effort applied to meaningless pursuit. The reflection in the mirror of time has entranced the being and like a moth to flame, this mistake makes the organism lost at the first light. Can a moth be king?

What I find very interesting is why E=mc2 and not the fact that the relationship exists. It can determined experimentally and so it is very hard to deny measure without doubting the instruments or quality of methods and analysis. The equation is a symbol for a great understanding and yet the understanding of what it means is missing. It is undeniable in its reflection of fact, but says nothing of how it comes about.

The next question is the multi-universe and that is another infinity. I can guess, but I do not know. It is certainly there by seeing its shadow, but how it operates is another issue altogether.

As grand as it is to understand this little infinity, the next infinity is of course infinitely more a problem.

It is very much like having neighbors we never see and it would seem that it is reasonable that it is possible to get above the dimensions and see the change in a new landscape. It would seem to be another stochastic process and it is my cultured guess that swapping entropy from universes leads to some odd results. Why do I get the impression that this universe is somebody else's entropy dumping ground? There is no place in the universe where it is safe to mix inter-dimensional entropy. And yet, I am sure it is done as this is the one sure thing always, if it looks useful, somebody or something will try it.

Raiders of the low dimensions, the search for jaba the spock.

Cosmology cannot be completely explained without knowing what is taking place in the multi-universe and how it influences this universe.I wonder if I went to an alternate, if anybody would even know? This would be much messier than a MatFax and entropy must be conserved as well, I would guess. It is a messy game and your competition for survival might be yourself. It is more than strange to consider. I suppose this is something that "Fringe" is using as a plot as well as "Sliders" and to some extent "Hitch-hiker's Guide". I am guessing Fringe is the closest guess as far as it being cataclysmic if misapplied.

It is always something with me, if I solve something I have to find something else to solve. It is all I do, and all I enjoy. I had a brief trip into an alternate universe that actually exists and that is very confusing. It takes some time to realize that something is wrong. Things that should exist but don't anymore and others that should be gone. That was a very odd coincidence.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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