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There is a very good reason why e i and pi are related in such a way. It lets me know why it is convoluted. It is my decision that the form of matrix math must be ABCx=d instead of Ax=b and this is to remove the ambiguity of e and i and pi. I have heard it said that i or j as the imaginaries should not be used as it hides some deeper meaning or relationship and that is absolutely true.

In the nature of mathematics itself is the model of the universe and it serves for tribal societies and petty bureaucracy to mark their territory in two dimensions. The universe in 3D is more complex than that and it is quite obvious that though the math can be made to model it is not properly defined to give convenient accurate results to predict process.

Geometry started out as the Gaia-metry which is the measure of the Earth. The Earth is a spherical 2 dimensional surface and as such has a topology that is more complex than plane geometry.

The symbol and use of i arises due to the fact that certain aspects of relationships are not real and thus the imaginary is an appropriate name for the state. The interaction of systems with themselves indirectly is always a confusing process. Some things do interact with themselves to produce useful product. The formalization of mathematics without the present understanding of the universe has led to a very bad situation. It is much like the language we use to communicate. A kind of continuously more complex case statement of products. This is effective when you wish only to communicate a few things and serves well in nature as it can be kill, breed, eat, and it doesn't take much to solve that set of compound relationships in limited dimensional space.

I could just extend the quantum and relativistic equations as they exist with all their formalized flowery hieroglyphics, but it seems a bit of a joke on myself to take that which is easy to me and purposely make it difficult. So I will break with tradition and as a result I will speak a new language that represents the relationships that I know and can be proved to exist.

It is not possible to represent the relationship of gravity and charge and the forces of the nucleus with the system that exists. It simply serves to confuse the relationships of measure and product in a higher dimensional context. Everybody knows it is wrong, but nobody poses a useful solution , that I have seen. I am tired of looking, it just needs to be forked and rewritten to be more current and reflect the state of technology.

I started out to write a program and I still have that, but it is true that a project must be stripped apart and put back together ( again ) when it is obvious that foundational principles will not allow extension.

It seems that Linux and its foundation is a system of integrated extension and this is what makes it so usable. In the case of gimp and blender and other Linux programs, the fact that it has attachment to allow extension in the form of Python, shell script, perl, C, C++, or scheme is absolutely necessary for it to be able to adapt to new technology and understanding.

It doesn't matter to me if I am shunned and isolated by science because I do something that I feel is correct. This is what freedom is all about, the ability to change anything if that is what you want. So it will either work or it won't and I won't really know until I try.

So I know why e, and for me it is y do the i π when it makes me lie in alge<bra|ket>.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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