The space pirate that stole the moon

As an exercise in math and science I have decided to do a full analysis of the creation of a self assembling nanotechnology probe that would convert the moon to a spaceship and engine and then transport a probe from the Earth containing the crew. It involves the foundations of many different mathematical subjects. The heat transfer equations as they relate to a spherical surface. By generalizing this one condition it is possible to apply all the different foundation techniques that apply to the universe.

It requires the analysis of heat transfer, angular momentum, radiative heat transfer, gas and liquid pressure and flow, gas-liquid-solid phases, conductance band electronics of oxide films, gravity well systems and momentum and energy transfer, differential time-space between Earth and Moon.

It also involves the assembly of a sequence of DNA pairs that serve as a plasmid in a specific fungus that is capable of creating a corrosive acid which liberates Oxygen and creates raw chemicals for a pseudo organism using silicon and other compounds.

It also involves the design of an AI system that is self programming and extensible which is symbiotic to the pseudo organism.

I intend to do the CAD in blender to generate the system diagrams, generate the documentation in Kile using Tex, and perform the test calculations in SciPy and octave.

Communications would be based on gravity waves and would use a technique of Haar-like 3D decomposition that uses a volume space computational NAND array to produce serial parallel information decomposition. It would oscillate in 2 angular directions and the internal structure of the sphere would emit waves of varying frequency based on the depth which would reflect the image state in that solid angle at that depth. The sphere would be a composite NAND and transmitter whose surface converts various wavelengths of light and energy to distortions . In this way it can cover the entire spectrum and the full 3D angles. The matching unit would be of the same construction.

The communication channel would take a spherical surface and decompose it to the center of a sphere to 8 quadrants which would be transmitted in sequence and each level upward in differing frequencies overlaid on the lower frequency.

One ultimate goal is to create 3 modules that exit the moon system and produce a gravity time lash that will either confirm or refute my putative analysis of FTL.

It is intended to be a feasibility analysis and an interesting exercise in the math from the foundations of thermodynamics to Maxwell's equations, fields, quantum mechanics and the construction of computational systems from simple electronic or biochemical units. It grows out of my interest in the relationships of vectors, dimensions, topology, sets, e, i, and pi and how they reflect a level of coherence in mathematical relationships. I have a different technique that I use which is analogous and I wanted to determine if my methods were more effective in practice. I feel that many relationships are based on the number of digits of computation of e and that a different method allows the ambiguity to be removed. There is a specific quantum equation which I feel was mis-characterized and the process should reveal the differences and whether it is really incomplete or I have just made a bad guess ( poor interpolation based on too small a data set ).

It will also serve to enhance my knowledge of the surface conditions of the moon and other space objects to see what advantage could be had in the fact that low °K superconducting could be done on the dark side of objects or within their shadow. It also serves to be a framework to integrate some fits data and twisted Python tools to make it simpler to use some of the data sets along with PDB information integration. In addition I wished to calculate the possibility of using a hole in gravity to deliver the initial package to the moon and to physically test that principle after doing the mathematical analysis.

It is intended to be a theoretical exercise and not a plot to subvert Earth, but a thought occurred to me, if an alien pirate came and stole the moon, what possible response could the powers of Earth have? You naughty space pirate, bad Bad BAD!, finger shaking.

I discovered some new resources for physics and science and here they are.
  1. Open Source Physics
  2. Plato Stanford

I suppose it would be quantum gravodynamics ( my understanding of gravitational magnetism ) if it were to be labeled.The history of quantum mechanics is very interesting and it is a complex subject. I see how it originated and without devising the solution for myself I would not have appreciated why h(Planck's constant) has any significance whatsoever. It does have a meaning and perhaps even more than is presently assumed. I need to do some more simulations, but the links above were very helpful in general and the java simulations were cool at OSP.

Graboids :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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