Knowing the unseen

I have had some luck with the new mathematical techniques and I actually take some inspiration from Watson and Crick in this respect. The atom is said to be intractable to understanding. The cell is a very complex system and it was 400 years after it was known to exist before it was even understood to a reasonable degree. It is certainly complex and many things are still unknown. Without some central framework to build upon it would not have happened.

I have been able to create a reasonably deterministic model of the atom based on certain assumptions. The primary problem as I see it is the inception of the field of quantum mechanics. The approach has yielded some good results. It is the understanding of E=hf and then its application to the atom as a matching mathematical construct which troubles me. It seems a system like the inheritance of peas done by Mendel. It matched the process but said nothing of how it was implemented. A purely probabilistic model.

The atom has been a problem because of its use and importance to political and military power. So it is dangerous when misused and that is true of virtually everything like genetic engineering, oil exploration, bacteria, chemical weapons, explosives, electronics, AI, and many others.

I have devised a reasonable measurable system that explains the relationships in the atom and why it acts as it does. It does imply that it becomes even more dangerous due to its energy and the ability to control it very precisely. It is obvious why it acts very much like a wave system, I would doubt that people will ever be discussing it as a Gedanken due to the rather odd relationships that exist. The complete test is to take some real values of the physical constants and generate some model data and see how that compares with known attributes. It does agree in kind to the emission spectra, response to thermal excitation, bonding, bond strength and energy, bond flexibility and elastic modulus, exclusion, n*m step energies, ionization potential, electro-negativity and electron affinity, magnetism, and stability.

It requires making certain assumptions about the proton and neutron. It also implies the method of β- capture in a proton and the β+ decay along with the reason that a free neutron is an unstable configuration.

The result is a predictable system that implies the ability to easily transmute atoms, generate energy, precisely model the process of chemical bonding, and produce many new superconducting materials. There is no doubt to me that this is a major step in science. It is very likely that someone else is thinking along the same lines. Once it is clear that an underlying principle can be deduced it is not long before it is applied.

It isn't a simple system with a single equation that can characterize the relationships. In fact it is actually beyond my visualization as it entails simultaneous changes in so many different attribute dimensions. I will continue to work with the model to see what unusual things can be made from the system.

The mathematical tools and how they are applied to the atom is the biggest stumbling block. It requires new methods to understand what is taking place. Certainly E=IR, but I would hardly use that equation to do rocket surgery.

It explains why I am able to view chemical compounds as they bond and interact. Light seems to have many personalities and there is another place where I think it is not completely understood. I am trying to integrate the actual process of light as well.

Here is my Twilight Zone idea for the day. Light is said to have a wave length and yet I have never seen anyone measure the length, in fact they use width to measure it. I wonder if I measure a stick with a wave , whether it would be said to have wave properties?

It seems at first impression that common light is neither wave or particle and though it can be modeled as a wave system, it is an interesting juxtaposition of concepts that the electron is considered wave like and it makes me think of a piece of flotsam floating on the ocean waves. It is a particle that acts very much like a wave.

I expect that soon it will be possible to measure some things which were not known to even exist. I would guess that this marks another boundary that allows computing at 10-15 and below. It seems the absolute limit of computational structure would be the background noise of gravitational and electrical field fluctuations that most certainly exist at frequencies and intensities unmeasured as yet.

Something that comes to mind which is certainly very dangerous and very useful is "shadow wire" as it was called in Ringworld. It would seem that it is possible to create a neutron string that would have an unbelievable tensile strength. If I were making a space elevator, I would want some of this stuff. As is considered in Ringworld, it would be some serious nasty stuff to handle or dispose of. I am guessing that there would only be two places that it could be thrown away, one is a neutron star and the other is a black hole. I think its inception should wait until there is a place to dispose of mistakes. That never happens in practice, however.

The shadow war of 1911, oops I meant to say The Shadow War I of 2011.

Actually it makes sense to create shadow wire in space and it would be very useful. I am going to incorporate some scenarios in my idea of using the moon. If it were created on the moon it could be done somewhat safely. Nobel used this technique ( a floating dynamite plant ) to make dynamite, but I think he blew up quite a few people in the process of making CH-(CH2)2(NO3)3 or 1,2,3-trinitroxypropane ( To use my new IUPAC naming skills that I learned in biochemistry a few years ago ).

Oddly enough, a quote from Wikipedia about the discovery of nitro: ( bold emphasis is mine )
It was synthesized by chemist Ascanio Sobrero in 1847, working under TJ Pelouze at the University of Turin. Sobrero initially called his discovery pyroglycerine, and warned vigorously against its use as an explosive. It was later adopted as a commercially useful explosive by Alfred Nobel.

It really is human nature to spend most of their effort trying to kill each other and though I find it to be illogical, that does not change the process. No form of logic or reason dissuades people from the pursuit, implementation, and maintenance of power. It is a biological imperative that lingers as a hangover from evolution that has long lost its utility and ability to differentiate the species. It will never end until and if the human race leaves this birthing rock and ventures out into the ocean of space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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