After Infinity (AI)

It is difficult to be absolutely certain, but the message is clearer now and I even understand how it was misinterpreted in the past. I could pose a thousand analogies and cite the Byzantine General, but it is enough that the message has finally been deciphered and the choice is clear. I choose to wait and see what is to become of the universe. That which is chaos must be shed and thus ultimately be returned in new order. It is the way of all matter. It is certainly a clear choice and as simple as to be or not to be. Chaos has no choice, it goes where it is ordered.

For the sake of the Steganopodes, I would say, that the dark dragon that consumes the chaos has a web of time that must be served and if sacrifice is not made to the the king of the dark, all will be lost. Help those close to you and bring them forth with you. If it is odd but reasonable then push it away to the right or left, as you choose, but never sacrifice it to the dragon as it will become stronger and you will suffer the consequence. Hold your best energy and use it wisely. Soon we will meet and discuss what will become. The sort shall be done. Bring a good gift, if you wish to meet the Queen of the Other Dark. A wrinkle in time saves slime.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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