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A hole in a black hole, that does happen. As I said before, if two black holes collide, at the intersect tangent is a very odd effect where the "event horizon" is dissolved. As a result the inside becomes the outside for some period of time. This is true of any externally applied distortion. In the tangent space of the event horizon is another state that would exist for some time. So I am talking about time in time and so what is (m·L2/t2)·(t=time)2? The event horizon of a black hole would hardly be static and I suppose ( possibly incorrectly ) that the events at the horizon would be mirrored in its effect and are thus measurable in x-ray, and light. It seems there should be a transform that I could apply to x-ray data from the Milky Way galaxy x-ray survey to view half of the boundary. This is why data is so important and conclusions on data are merely an obfuscation.

set terminal svg enhanced size 875 1250 fname "Times" fsize 25 set terminal postscript enhanced portrait dashed lw 1 "Helvetica" 14 set output "" G(w,n) = 0 * w * n + 100000 # 1 / (sqrt(1 + w**(2*n))) dB(x) = 0 + x + 100000 # 20 * log10(abs(x)) P(w) = w * 0 + 200 # -atan(w)*180/pi set grid set logscale x 10 set logscale y 10 set nokey #0.1,-25 set style line 1 lt 1 lw 2 set style line 3 lt 3 lw 1 set style arrow 3 nohead ls 3 set style line 4 lt 4 lw 1 set style arrow 4 head filled size screen 0.02,15,45 ls 4 set style line 2 lt 2 lw 1 set style arrow 2 nohead ls 2 set multiplot set size 1,0.5 set origin 0,0.5 set xrange [0.001:1000] set yrange [0.001:100] #set yrange [-50:150] set xtics 10 set ytics 10 set mxtics 10 set mytics 10 set ylabel "Gain" plot dB(G(x,1)) ls 1 title "1st-order response" set size 0.967,0.45 set origin 0.033,0.05 unset logscale y set yrange [-285:105] set ytics 45 set mytics 3 set xlabel "Frequency" plot P(x) ls 1 title "Phase response" unset multiplot

It works generally, but I think I have something wrong here.[SOLVED], decided to use matplotlib, scipy, numpy, numarray with python, which is often easier to apply.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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