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I have analyzed the possible inventions for space and it is possible to construct nearly all the tools and make a coherent system. It lacks one part and so I will focus on that. The transform from a 2D population to a 3D space population would seem to be a long and complicated path, but it seems to me that it is not centuries or years or even days away. If the appropriate relationship can be applied, it is very much like any exponential effect. In the 1700's it was the way west in the US and it was a period of 100 years. In the 1960's it was computers and it was virtually done in 10 years, Internet 5, DNA, AI, genetics, and more.

There is only one last equation that needs to be in place and that is the equivalent of the Maxwell equations that incorporate gravity. I can do all kinds of things with electro-magnetics like NAND, and communication and power. The extension of the EM equations is already in place in the form of various transforms and methods or constructors. So I will take what I have learned from multi-variable calculus, matrices, analysis and tools to identify that one key relationship that allows the design of gravity control systems. E is abundant if you know how to generate and collect it. Complexity is easy to implement now. It is that one single hole in the sphere, topologically speaking.

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Somebody came up with the covered wagon, browser, rifle, car, dynamite, and many other things that allowed the extension of influence. If I were to sell a gravity vehicle with capabilities to travel to distant stars, it has the same effect. The life extends and grows in new places and when it finds a solution that allows expansion in a new way there is a period of exponentiation. It isn't that bizarre. So s^20 probably which is about s.2^67 and thus is 67 cycles. What is the cycle? , hard to compute. If I were offered a planet and solar system for myself, if I made the effort to go there, it would seem a reasonable thing to do. In the case of the internet browser netscape, I could get netscape, connect to a network and have access to the entire world. So by comparison, I download a gravity calculation, and have access to the universe. It is just another infinity and I have no idea what it would do to people and nobody does. It is just something that can be done and then it is done. People will try and control it and silly people will continue to buy what is free. Snake oil flows freely in all dimensions.

The larger and more complex a system is, the harder it is to achieve single point control. That is a simple fact of control theory. It is what generally keeps us from being eaten by the parasites that continually seek to be king of the universe. The eigenvectors of gravity, ...... perhaps.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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