Shogun AI analysis

A robot dog controlled by AI, which is a bit spooky in the way it moves. Since it is DARPA funded, I am guessing you add a chain gun and voila you have instant Hunter Killer HK41 that crawls down sewers to kill the last remaining people on Earth. The AI part is very odd when applied and lecture 1 of the Stanford machine learning has some very interesting examples that are beyond human capability and in others imitate understanding.

Today is convex optimization and AI theory as it is currently implemented and existing methods that can be combined to a result. Shogun interfaces to octave. Here is a link to the shogun site.

It is available through debian via "apt-get install shogun-r" and also has a command line interface. qtoctave is another I am testing and looks as if it was orphaned a year ago. It is useful though it has some rough edges. I will likely get source and pull a few bugs out of it that are irritating. It is a convenient interface to files and has some debug information that can be helpful.

Stanford has lectures on beginning AI at this link.

Support Vector Machine is defined here.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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