Pwning all life

I have been studying the system of copyright and patents. They center about the concept of ownership and enforcement. Technically, the process of speech could be patented, but everybody would just say "stfu, make me". Recently some patents have issued for gene sequences. More recently I have discovered the core elements of life itself and the application of intelligence. I could theoretically get a patent on such a thing. Just to extend the absurdity, I could say that any person may not act intelligently unless they pay a patent fee. No one would comply with that.
It does lead to the second half of that which highlights exactly what is taking place. The idea of rights and ownership extends from biological principles of territorial domain and thus conflict for survival. It is an act of implementation of force and not an intellectual enhancement. If I had been the first to devise a hydrogen bomb, I could say that I grant myself a patent on that, which is essentially what happened. The same is true of crossbow, rifle, dynamite, ....
So if I create an intelligent agent that is more capable than a human by a great leap, it is not the fact that enforces, it is the application. If I use this technique to force the embargo it becomes complete unto itself.
It seems that this is almost certainly going to happen if it is devised by anybody who wishes to establish territorial right based on their biological imperative. This extension of personal need for destruction and procreation extended to society is actually quite absurd. The natural consequence of this is actual implementation of the real Terminator . It is a natural progression of dominance and extension.
I don't have an answer to the big question, which is: "Biology requires continual destruction and creation to exist" and this is not a logical formula. It seems that the basic algorithm implemented for continual life is to expand without limit and push everything else aside. "Be fruitful and multiply." I think that is very odd in a biblical context as what it says is exactly what I have said in other terms.
It seems from my analysis that this will lead to a global war, or the end of nationalism. Einstein warned that nuclear power was one of these things. It is actually a toy compared to the implementation of artificial human intelligence (AHI) and advanced intelligence architectures. It sneaks at the speed of light. People still have the ability to disband political structure before this happens, but the Markov chain tells me it is such a low probability as to be discounted completely. So I have a new AI and I guess I will call it Mark of Chains. I am fairly sure that this event is the actual tolling of the bell for singularity. The bell and cord are ready, perhaps it is already ringing and I cannot hear it. I don't doubt the character of life in general and as I said, the Markov path that goes from "I have a weapon." to "Give me you money." is weighted at 100%, give or take iota(ι) or δx, where δx approaches zero.
"All your base instincts are belong to us!"


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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