Gradients in infinite dimensions

Interestingly enough, the same methods that are incorporated in ∇ descent and ascent are the same methods that I devised. It is obvious that stochastic methods that I call the random rain can be used to seek global minima in systems and that the transform in vectors to flow and accumulation are new matrices that can be used as the solutions in many dimensions. Gradients ∇ in many dimensions are also directions that flow. It is the many caves of the high dimensions and the bridge over chaos is NULL. It adds dimension to my understanding and new ways as always. It is much easier to understand and extend if you have devised it yourself. Many interesting new correlations and that is what I enjoy. I needed a way to look into the dark star and these new extensions should give me that.

It is all very interesting stuff and certainly gives a person some new sight into what exists in the universe. Strange places that cannot even be dreamed without some measure to apply. Lots of new correlations and synergy will come from this ,I am sure. Just the relationship to Haar-like methods and recursive decomposition and synthesis give me many new ideas and programs to try. The directed graphs and matrices and equations combine and approach a coherence. Less confusion is always better. A completely ϒϑ day. Perhaps this will give a clue to the gravity equation I need.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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