Science Fiction history

I watched an old episode of "Outer Limits" with Adam West as the star (1964). They were going to Mars. What a total crock of manure it was. I can't believe that I watched this crap as a child. They were using the "new" laser system that allowed instantaneous communication between Mars and Earth without a speed of light delay, they found the atmosphere breathable, they used a computer that had reel to reel mass storage and punch cards!, killed Martians with a "nuclear bazooka" and generally trashed every aspect of physics, chemistry, mathematics, genetics, and any other science. It's not even campy, it was just plain stupid.

It is hard to imagine how bad physics was then. There was not even a clue as to how all this stuff worked and still they were blowing up everything with nuclear weapons."Duck and cover", bomb shelters, atomic monsters, "attack of the Fifty Foot Woman". How sad.


Anonymous said...

It is of course just a story.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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