Arrival Imminent(AI)

So now I have two patterns of energy that I can use to search data bases and I have the data bases and an interface. I wish Google had done this, it would have been a snap for them. Anyway, it seems to me that GRB was discovered because the US was trying to detect nuclear tests and there was a big "Day the Earth Stood Still" movie about how nuclear explosions would signal aliens to descend and warn us of our doom if we used such devices.
The premise is valid I would assume, but the trick of mixing unstable nuclei is hardly much more than making fire. If I can detect a signature of a FTL shift or the use of the G variation that I suspect is true in astronomical data bases, it would be an indicator of intelligent use of physics that allows travel at speeds that would be essential for inter solar navigation. I would say it would be a smoking gun and I would assume the counterpart would be true. If "someone" is monitoring space to determine if a new threat is appearing , it would certainly be FTL signatures and gravity transport. I can't say for certain, but it is science extrapolation at this point and not fiction. Psychologically I am reminded of a Star Trek TNG episode where "Q" mixes the Earth up with the Borg and it is reasonable to assume that the universe is not all fun and amusement parks. If other life exists, it is likely to be far advanced, just by the averages. I suspect that many scientists are well aware that we are approaching a boundary that would complicate human existence dramatically. 1018 more dimensions of possibility is a real sharp spike and some consideration of the position is warranted. It won't be long, I think.
I will be immersed in programming, testing, and scanning for some time and so I will likely not post unless something strange drops out of the data or process.
If I happen to find the coincidence of a signature of gravity manipulation and FTL in the same location, my only suggestion is "I for one welcome our new FTL overlords" . BTW, I misspelled the debian universe simulation package and it is "xorsa", not "xorca", big difference.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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