I think that I may have discovered a basis for manipulating gravity. It seems so obvious when it is discovered. That is the way with everything, confusion and chaos and then resolution. I can test it with the equipment that I have and determine whether I am wrong in my analysis. There was a specific topological form that has been rattling around for some time and it is so convolute that I needed some blender and Python tools just to get some little idea of the direction of resultant forces.

This looks very promising and so I will first search star data for a system that correlates and see if there is a data fit. Unexpected consequence. I had expected this to be a long process of elimination and that may yet be true.

It is very odd how things can be in plain sight and be missed for centuries. The mind is sometimes not the greatest scientific instrument. I was thinking of how to generate a gravitational relativistic potential and was deciding it was impossible without a massive black hole, and then it hit me. I sure hope this pans out. It would be the final piece of the puzzle, as genetics, nanomachines, control systems, inertia and energy are all usable. It would be nice to be free of this Third Rock from the Sun and actually go and see for myself what is present and how it can be used. I suppose it is some personal "wanderlust", but being confined to some small extent of an infinite universe makes me feel claustrophobic. Odd, Albert Infinity (AI) was born today. :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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