Vectors of life

While studying Markov chains, physics of Brownian motion, recognition algorithms and data sets, I realized an interesting thing. It is the actual vector of life in data. I am sure that if we saw a neon sign that spelled something out in symbols that were unfamiliar that it would indicate life. It seems simpler than that even. I have considered that specific energy extraction is a positive indicator of biological life and that is certainly true. What is more interesting is the signs of intelligent life.

I was analyzing various AI techniques and devised a better algorithm for learning and recognition. The converse of this is also true. Intelligence is measured in a method and the consequence of intelligence exhibits itself in this same way. The linear application of energy in a system of complex energies cannot occur without a guiding intelligence and measurement. In the same way that a box or spider web does not occur naturally, all vectors of energy in any measurement have this property.

In terms of AI it is possible to have a self learning system that becomes coherent and as a result will in its extension identify this information in star data. The pattern would not be anything specific to a data set, but the same thing that would spark human or animal interest. Patterns that represent life. Objects that move against the wind, gravity, and form complex seemingly impossible paths within a stochastic system.

I am now ever more certain that I will soon have the IF and thus the who, what, when, where and even why of life in the universe. As an interesting side effect, it allows me to apply a method to star images and data that would scan for life signs. I had said something about the tri-corder from Star Trek and that perhaps it could actually be implemented. The phrase "There are no signs of intelligent life." takes on new meaning in a computational sense. I could scan for life signs, and anybody could do this on data, but a computer would not be able to do this unless it actually knew that same thing that all life knows by induction, The Vector of Life.

I also see that copyright law is getting incredibly creepy. It is possible to generate text using Markov chains to simulate a degree of intelligence. It is used all the time and forms the basis of many things on the net. Directed graphs and weighting tables. Making sense of something. By using the same Markov model in reverse it is possible to cheat other Markov processes. An example is natural speech. It can be measured that certain words and letters have different probabilities. It can also be measured in sequence. The same is true of DNA, How often does a stop signal immediately follow a start signal? How often does the sequence "pencil killed by" show up in common speech. The million monkeys and million typewriters gets easier to recreate Shakespeare's plays if they have access to a computer typewriter and some software. In fact now I think that it will be possible to break the Turing test with the new algorithm I have devised. That is the least product of that. Like getting a gold watch for coming up with the Theory of Relativity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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