Managing astronomical data

The use of cubeview in Linux seems to be working and NASA has made a real effort to make astronomical data accessible. In addition Google has made blogger easier to use and removed some of the rough edges for posting.

My intent was to get a verification of the equations that extend electromagnetic fields to gravitational fields and then to devise a method to enter and leave a gravity well with the least risk and expense. This will certainly be helpful. I am hoping that looking through the data will allow me to observe something new, determine how it is caused and thus consider what method could be applied to implement such an effect. Like watching birds and pondering flight. The universe is the best example of what is possible.

I can see some patterns in the systems of equations. The control of gravity or at least a more realistic up/down method for gravity wells is the only stumbling block. A momentum system is way too complicated and expensive to provide common access to space. There is a solution in the system, but it will require some more analytical tools.

This is definitely helpful and I look forward to seeing it integrated into kstars and I will implement it in blender.

I am making a γ ray burst 3D model in blender using spheres of different color and composition to allow me to place the GRBs in 3 space based on the z values and direction. Then I was going to do some least cubes analysis and graph paths analysis to see if there really is some hidden pattern in the data. I would assume that there are several explanations for sets of GRB data and thus I am planning to use object type labels to manipulate the information in groups. There are only 500 confirmed and detected GRBs at the present time so it is a very small data set, considering that the scope of the universe encompasses more than 1018 stars.

I have to wonder why the data is still maintained in some ancient Phoenician or Sumerian mariner like format. +34° 07' 23'' FOV 17.9° 13h 24m 34s +39° 40' 29''. It seems unnecessarily complex to express the position on a circle this way. Percentage of PI would seem more understandable in the first place. It is just a vector. <i,j,k>. I would prefer vector notation and perhaps I will just make some code to allow me to have that translated.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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