I know what I was thinking, but later is never now

While looking through some older programs I realized that data is not what I wanted to collect. It is like living in a landfill of my own creation. In the mind the data is alive and the more you collect, the more that it can be correlated and used. In a computer it becomes a reference and a book that dies like a tree to become the noise that interferes with thought.

I have decided to create some cron tasks to make my data alive. What I want it to do is take data in a certain area and start to push it in ways that it needs to go. The longer it remains the farther from common it becomes, perhaps even to be packed away and put in the garage of data and finally scheduled for the trash. Sorted by the computer to categories and indexed by parameters like Google. Duplicates removed, and information kept on how often it is used and so how far from immediate use it should be. If it is required it needs to be available in some form. If it can't be removed and will potentially be used then it needs to be indexed in such a way that it can be found and then saved to some external media and a trail to find it.

It seems to me that data becomes the anchor that drags a person down and only when the data is somewhat living does it serve a continued purpose. The same is true of objects and life. I find dozens of facts that are worthy of remembering every day, but I don't need to see them every day. I have the knowledge and I have related it and the memory is not reinforced just because I have stored it to disk, in fact it is a detriment that allows me to say that I will think about that later some more and later never comes. The data needs to dream and live again or meet its death with honor.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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