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I realized that when you look at a cloud chamber that it isn't what it seems to be at first glance. The things are not really where they appear to be. This led me to search for images and in the process I came to this on Mott which essentially says what I know. It seems that there is a something there, but it isn't where you think it is and as a result the product is almost meaningless. It might be true when we deal with clouds and lightning and speeds as fast as sound, but when you start to dance with light and peer into places this small, the rules are different and the walls of observational reality fall away. It isn't the same world as we observe naturally. I do not assume that anything comes except from observation and to say that there is another source is to invoke magic.

To me it is new because it can't be ordered until it has a place. To simply accept that subjective reality decomposes at atomic scale is not enough for me. There has to be a way to understand why and the origin of the decomposition. Interacting infinities of matter are coherent at the scale that we observe and that because it would not do us any good to see what is really happening. It leads me to something else that is even more bizarre. Once you know why it happens and what the possible consequence and uses are, it leads me to the place it always does. How has nature implemented nuclear physics for its use?

It seems that most people idealize and anthropomorphize nature and thus miss the real point. Nature doesn't care if you think it is dangerous, absurd, impossible or horrid. Nature combines what is and then selects it based on its rules. I can't even imagine what that set of rules could be. It isn't knowable. Some I can guess and apply, but like nature, it is different in fine detail , as many say: "It is turtles all the way down".Теория дифракции.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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