Dream neuron

Today is the "R" interface to statistical analysis using Python. This is part of my synthetic brain project. I have the basic design that solves the problem of infinite data sets. In the area of solutions to valid square matrices, the solution is a vector in some space that has the dimensions of the problem. It would seem that the universe has dreamed of an answer and called it Protista.
I find all of this interesting, but the Type I and Type II decision problem makes it imperative that once the whole process is understood, an entity must act. Infinity is a long road and the binomial expansion of instants creates a strange number.
I happened upon a few interesting things today. I compiled the original source for Doom and studied some strange creepy amœba. I also discovered an interesting thing that is very odd. It has to do with hairless fluorescent mice and brains (video you tube ). It is a strange universe and since we can only observe a very small portion of it close up, it stands to reason that what will be known is far more strange. The implementation and use of intelligent systems is absolutely necessary to get even a general idea of what is happening. Just by simple survey it is obvious that many latent ideas are floundering due to the fact that we live in a sea of information and we do not have the eyes we need to look into the bottomless abyss of data. I have scanned some new genomic data and without a better tool that imitates the brain, it will be decades before I can make the correlations I need in that area.
By creating a dream neuron it will be possible to maintain a database of understanding. I can read thousands of articles every day, but that is just a glimpse into the murky waters. I need deep thought radar to find the hidden treasures in the sea of independent observation. My research into Doom is a way to make the process more interesting by having a competitive algorithm that reinforces the acquisition of information in a way that relieves some of the boredom of continual study. Some creatures can make eggs that are designed for hatching many years ahead. It is an indirect indicator that at some time it was the key that unlocked this regional infinity. Many things can be inferred but not proved by that which survives.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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