Gravity methods

The gravity management would require too much energy to implement for space , however it does lead to gravidar, which I am assuming has no way to be shielded from or deflected. I do believe that radar was kept secret for quite some time as it was not known how it worked. I am guessing this is the case here. Since there is no coherent theory of gravity and no means to even detect the largest of effects, it will remain unknown for some time.

I installed sage from source to get the latest version and deal with some problems with differential equations. It is a 4 hour build, but worth it. It has improved since the last time I used it.

As far as gravity, it seems that it would be much much easier than any neutrino communication and could be implemented very simply. It would allow an entire new band of unregulated communication that is probably far less problematic than radio waves and would not be susceptible to interference by solar flares, EMP or other electronic effects.

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It seems that there is a better method to deal with and identify eigenvectors of a system. It is an interesting aspect of vectors and has taken some time to appreciate the full value. Markov chains is another very useful method.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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