The dilemma is not all blue and pink

Recently I have been implementing a method to take information and create a type of vector of decision. When dealing with vector space in many dimensions there can be many paths to a point if the path is incompletely specified or simply ambiguous.

Some core elements of this matrix would include the possible methods of combination of matter. In a matrix, a set of equations defines how the matrix would act if parts are combined. It leads to specific sets of possibilities and Markov chains. It could be said that the universe is characterized with Markov Chains and Monte Carlo methods. There is a direct and consistent relationship between vectors and thought.
Information is a metaphysical concept. Its form is not dependent on specific physicality. What was making me wonder is the old dilemma of an ax whose handle is replaced and then its blade. It continues to be an ax and in fact it continues to be the ax in question. There are some very odd consequences of intellectual extensions in vector space. Clearly there is a real problem between perception of the universe and its actual nature.
The problem arises from the very nature of the brain itself. It is possible for a process to model a process, including itself. It is then obvious that certain things which are a natural progression of logic are completely rejected by process. It is a very unusual computer that refuses to deny paradox. This then is the real dilemma. It is not that the thing does not exist, it is that its failure to exist is impossible to contemplate by the specific process. It is definitely a necessity in the process, but fails to be consistent with the universe.
In simple terms I mean that the mechanism of nature is founded on a principle that is not valid in any logical sense. An example would be a computer that was designed to always say red when it identified green and also say red when identifying red. It is possible to define a machine or organism that is paradoxical. That is the interesting thing. If the machine or organism or system were not defined paradoxically, it would not survive. Thus it is a very odd Markov Chain and a common Monte Carlo that leads to this state.
It interests me because I was wondering about life in the universe. If life is necessarily paradoxical in origin and extension, this would be the common vector of life itself. This characteristic is required for existence and is also contrary to fact. I think this is the core problem of existentialism. It is somewhat like lifting oneself up by the boot straps.
So if the ax blade is replaced by a shovel then it ceases to be an ax. What I may be saying is that the existence of life is founded on a Markov Chain whose primary vector is an unbalanced process of creation and destruction and that this must be incorporated in life for it to continue to exist. It is not nature that drives the destruction, it is a simple pattern in the process. If you take the matrix and apply Monte Carlo methods, it always resolves to the same thing.
So this is the paradox of life is that it must destroy , build, and fail.
This I presume is the core element that has defined life from its origin, causes life to exist and is required for its continuous existence in chaos. In the nature of man is mirrored the universe of their being. Need to build, need to destroy and as a consequence of the imperfect process make something new.
In analogy: The specific process of which I speak is the case where the ax blade can create a new handle and the handle can create a new blade. As a result, the system is complete in its nature and if it fails to create this specific structure it fails the test of continuance. In the matrix expansion there are modes which always appear as emergent.
Philosophically, it could be said that being is bound in the eternal paradox of destruction because the complexity of the universe requires it. It leads to the core problem of communication and society. A system must destroy and create and fail. In fact it must do this in the perfect proportion to continue to exist.
A very interesting philosophical situation that is definitely paradoxical in its structure. I would say that it is true from the very first molecule to the largest structure. A molecule which digests protein that is made of protein and a molecule that assembles protein and is made of protein. The balance between them is life itself. The equation can represent itself in many ways and it could possibly be said that men and women represent the two sides of that coin of destruction and creation. And it also incorporates failure and mistakes. I do believe that the Yin and Yang represents this strange paradox and I had not looked at Taoism before, but to make it philosophy is to simply make another imperfect model.

It has meaning in the nanomachine. It implies that any self replicating system will resolve to a mode of continuous destruction and creation and by the very nature of the universe will be constantly changing.

There are more aspects to this issue and another strange attractor that interacts. It has implications and somehow I think that they are distorted images of each other.


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Automated Intelligence
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