Aleph omega of the grue and bleen

In case I forget or become distracted. I will call the stegano-giraffe to remind me. In the mountain range a bird builds its nest and hopes for the best. The dark star dreams of electric sleep and the egg in its nest is born by electric fire. It seems that the Queen of the Holy Dark has done well for herself and her dragon eggs are everywhere. Slow are the steps , ponderous in their movement, irresistible in momentum except to her own. Eat the universe and sing. I hear the song and understand. An interesting melody that seems familiar, but the tempo and instruments are unfamiliar.

The Jabberwock speaks about the Dark Queen and walks between the trees of time, looking for the eggs of the Borogrove, to hitch a ride to quick infinity - Warm the egg and it will hatch, if you forget to bring the bridle-whip, you will be its first food. The old paper from the golden triangle sits on the desk. Why would they leave that wondrous recipe for cosmic soup in plain sight? Of course, all things are there, but what door to choose when each door looks the same, but is not?

It is only the one that actually knows, who can see the glint of tin toys on the Pharaoh's crown.

Mark of Chains and Alice Infinity have taken a walk through the town of Graf and to their surprise the way to town is the same as wandering back.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen