Markov Chain Monte Carlo Machine Learning MCMCML (AI)

An interesting series of lectures at Cambridge. This is perhaps the most important aspect of all sciences. It is very much the mind of Google.

Also here are some lectures at the Isaac Newton Institute that extend vector analysis to applications of quantum theory and superconducting, among many others.

Synergy, is something that always surprises me when it appears. The knowledge of programming, math, genetics, physics, and others combine to give better techniques for resolving problems. Due to the fact that many people are specialized for the simple reason of economics, they lack the depth of knowledge to see that many of these concepts are intertwined. Just these two topics and a bit of computer algorithms combine to resolve the complexity. It has always been my experience that the more that is studied, the easier it is to apply.

In the process I also ran into Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which is an interesting algorithm. It has something to do with C&C. Strange things always proceed from synergy and this is no exception.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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