Cooper pairs and condensed matter

This is an on-going post that will evolve like some others. This interaction of electron pairs is explained in a Wikipedia article on Cooper pairs. It is coherent and reasonable. I will attempt to make it more predictive using Markov chain like modeling. It would seem that superconducting would appear between the stars in the interstellar medium.
In addition and as part of this, I am looking for indications of a gravity effect that I assume exists in Einstein rings based on some personal speculation. It would show itself in the distortion of the Hydrogen lines. It means that I must dig into some ".fit" format data again. I suspect that the spectrum shows a very specific distortion in time and space. I wonder how many different patterns can be in the data? I suppose that it depends on the degree of freedom of the system causing the distortion. It can vary across the spectrum, act on specific frequencies, intensity, arrival time, and so that alone could account for a factorial expansion of possibilities to infinity. Though they could expand to infinity, there are two issues, which are (1.) Could it be measured?, and (2.) What is its prevalence or dominance in the data.
I plan to add it to my blender models and use SciPy to do the logic behind the particle simulation. It seems that by using transparency and index of refraction on a material it could also be modeled in reverse.

In addition it seems that the boundary region of the star would necessarily have a layer of water like a sheath in the Heliosphere. Wikipedia seems to be gaining from some very talented input. There is a very marked up tick in the quality and clarity of the scientific data. ENA and IBEX data must be explored.

DFR ("Divergence From Randomness") models, the basic notion being that Bose Einstein statistics may be a useful indicator .....

The above quote as it relates to condensed matter is exactly what I wanted as a framework for charting the star data for patterns of intelligence and life in general. It is not the divergence that is as interesting as the vectors within.

The equations can also be used in an effect that influences the pairing of DNA sequences that I suspect acts beyond a simple stochastic model. There is a kind of condensed matter like effect that is acting at the molecular level that constrains the motion and thus bonding of the DNA.

Perhaps I can devise an equation which explains how it is possible to view living molecules in motion at the sub nanometer scale. It is possible because I do it and I have my opinions about the process, but if I can tag it with a quantum equation it might allow it to be extended beyond a simple experimentally derived method.

I encountered imaginary time while looking into Monte Carlo methods in quantum integration. This is the point where I must admit that it can't be simple any more. It can be personally simple if all the parts are understood, but the road to that place is long and difficult. I would assume that is why it is incompletely explored. It takes too long to get to where the strangeness turns into utterly ridiculous complexity and the most interesting results.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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