A conference featuring Cantor at the Hilbert hotel

It is definitely an odd universe we live in. And much odder in its detail. I must assume that many worlds exist as a continuum from our own and it is possible to "slide" there, but in sliding we are changed and it makes no difference as we conform to that reality and it is just as real as any other. It has something to do with the universe and the observation of life. For the sake of argument I will assume that this probability space extends infinitely and thus it is universes without end that can contain life ( or any other characteristic ) or none at all. It would then be the case that we look in our dimension and it is not even a shadow of the entire picture.

It is something I have considered before and it does seem at least a thing to consider that some method could be devised so that A and A' could interact in some way. If the universe were not complex enough, to add this complexity makes it obviously unknowable in completeness. In a purely speculative way I have considered that certain things can produce bubbles in this quantum probability space and it could potentially even be measured. It makes me jumpy to know that something exists and not be able to characterize or model the effect. I am sure that very few people even worry about the interaction of parallel dimensions, but it seems that the complexity of technology and the instrumentation level leads to situations that can have personal consequences and thus is an issue that should be considered.

Studying quantum dots and low temperature physics and nuclear structure naturally leads a person to this place. It is simply measurement and a model that is predictable. The fact that the measurement conflicts with every instinct that I have about matter and its interaction is of no consequence as it is just a measure at a different scale.

So I have arrived to the conference to prove it wrong and come to realize that it can be wrong and right and that apparent paradox ( or more precisely two different outcomes ) can arise in situations that operate in parallel. It could be said that in a two core processor, that the answer of an addition is 100 and 14 at the same time and still be causal within its own scope. The future is going to be very strange when compared to the present, I can see that much.

Currently I am analyzing this about Kaluza-Klein.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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