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It seems to me that in the case of some GRB that if it were not considered sequential information, and instead a transform of another type it may contain information. It is a common transform to do Fourier frequency and time domain analysis of a signal, but what if it is not frequency domain, but a complex domain of space and time that is encoded? Perhaps it is a flatland perspective that keeps us from seeing the deeper pattern. A Haar-like decomposition of an image would seem a better way to transport information in the same way that interleaved lines of a raster image are used to reduce the bandwidth limitations of some channels while allowing a general impression to be attained in the large and wait for detail. A fractal image decomposition algorithm.

It seems to me that there should be a way to imply a signal has information contained within, by the same constraints that would suggest intelligent life. It is the action potential against entropy.

Wouldn't it be weird if GRBs from all over the universe were alien races sending IM or "tweets" to Earth and wondering why we don't respond? Srsly.

The ordering of information based on dependency seems a better approach.

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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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