Crossing the EPR bridge with Euler

I have done some analysis of the concept of many worlds and in general I always thought it was more science fiction than science. It seems that it may be the only way to have a universe that functions as we perceive it. It does not seem that it is quite as fantastic as it is popularized in things like "Sliders". It is that spooky stuff that Einstein disliked. I don't like just categorizing things as simply spooky, as it implies some magical system is involved and magic has a history of just taking advantage of the unknown or credit for that which is unknowable.

It seems that it can be proven that many worlds is as real as anything else we perceive and adapt to. It is a great vehicle for art and science fiction as it sets no limit on the scene or its characters. In practice it can be seen that moving about in this "phase space", as I would characterize it, would not be as abrupt or as cataclysmic as one might expect. I really don't think I am quite prepared to consider travel in that space. This is perhaps the closest thing to time travel that I would admit exists. The reason I am thinking about this is that FTL travel leads to this. In a way it could be said that one starts in this universe and could travel to Andromeda and return to Earth, but it would not be the "same" Earth you left in a lot of aspects. The thing that is really odd is that you may not be the same person that existed when you left also. Continuous and causal, but not the same. Very much like the Ship of Theseus dilemma. Some might think it would require some massive facility with trillions of dollars and a huge bureaucracy to maintain the mechanisms, but it seems that it can be implemented in simpler ways.

It is definitely a strange situation. It is possible to go anywhere, but it isn't possible to go to two conflicting places in order. I think this is the "four color theorem" of high dimensional space. It does imply and I concur that not all possible worlds can be realized in that dimension. It does seem that the four color theorem does apply in dimensional space and as such it would imply that, at most, 4 "realities" would impinge upon each other. It is very odd, but it is really undeniable as it can be measured and repeated in extreme circumstances. I do believe that I understand how superconducting arises in materials at low kinetic states and it does follow from the laws of physics, but I doubt my cat will start levitating above the floor, even if I name him Schrödinger.

There is a hole in gravity that I think is big enough to drive a spaceship through, and certainly there are some very useful things to be realized in the application of more advanced physics. I have worked with semiconductor fabrication at nano scales and it is observable that many of the common perceptions of what is reality become more expansive, or something, as it is recognized. The first time I saw a chip fabricated at 600 nanometers it was very informative. The visible light does odd things when interacting with matter structured at that scale. There is no denying that it happens once it is created and though it is theoretical up to that point, the implementation has a very different effect on relative certainty of the rules applied to model the process.

This is that very strange place where quantum entanglement would be realized and if the universe weren't complex enough, it is probably true that A can connect to B at velocity greater than C, but A is A' and B is B' so it could be said that both arguments are true that it is impossible and doable in the same sentence. It depends on which of his many ships Theseus sails.

These things are not something that a person can readily appreciate until the measurement is made and the understanding is complete. I do get what is being implied and it is a concession to the universe that in certain circumstances the common rules that we observe and apply are mere shadows of a more complex interaction. I could never take somebody else's word for that because I am a skeptic, but the universe just isn't that simple and it really does have those strange corners that defy imagination.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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