The viewless winds of the dark continuum

One of the things that I presume to exist without verification is the quantum disruption of all things in a voice and person unseen. There is , I assume, a constant fluctuation of matter caused by the gravitational temporal shifts of collapsing neutron stars. [1020 stars/1010 year life]. It would create a certain amount of imprecision in all measurements and effect. If I were writing a screen play, I would call it the time wind, but it is just a side effect of rapidly changing gravity, orthogonal to acceleration.

I have done some more calculation on FTL and it seems more likely at this moment and if 10 of 30 dimensions are in agreement it does seem that it could be so. Probability is so diaphanous. Since matter and physics is so well documented, the NULL space is only sparsely populated. Directed list Monte Carlo methods could give something.

Another interesting thing is this at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden:

[Pressmeddelande 2010-05-31] För första gången har mänskliga embryonala stamceller odlats under kemiskt kontrollerade former utan användning av djursubstanser, vilket är en förutsättning för framtida klinisk användning. Metoden har utvecklats av forskare vid Karolinska Institutet och presenteras i tidskriften Nature Biotechnology.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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