Faster than light again

It is an interesting idea and I have some mathematical analysis that I will not share as it is one of my private inventions like the molecular microscope. They may be duplicated in the future, but for now it will just be for me to examine and analyze until I feel that I understand the consequence. This is the signature that would identify a truly advanced alien race IMHO. I know that is so Trekky that it reeks. However the imagination of how something comes about without any specific knowledge of the underlying physics leads to many different science fictions and some emerge, others just become comical. I think that The Time Machine ( for example ) is completely comical and utterly impossible.

It would seem that the operation of FTL would riddle and shred matter in the locality where it "took off" and it would have to be done in some place away from matter, as the effect would be reciprocal. I could imagine that it would produce local effect that would be similar to the traverse of differential gravity of a compacted mass such as a black hole. ( Since it would have to achieve final velocity before it interacted with other matter, the process of acceleration would have to be extreme ). It seems that inertial cancelling would have to be used to actually implement it. It would also produce energetic radiation that would not be naturally occurring and correspond to a signature similar to Cherenkov or Synchrotron radiation. There would be no temporal effects as there is no such thing as time as a dimension. The perception of time would be distorted, but the self interaction of causal sequence would not happen as it is truly paradoxical and thus equivalent to saying that A≠A. It is an odd situation of differential space in space and recursion causes much confusion when considered. It might seem that time is distorted, but it certainly is not, even though it seems that there is no other explanation. If you consider the evolution of understanding it is very common and I experience it all the time. When I am exposed to a new subject like Lie groups or math that is unfamiliar, it seems that the result is impossible as the set of possible things in my experience does not include x( the unknown )

There is no way to say that it would work without some experiment and it could not be conducted near a mass. I can however look for what I would expect as a signature of the operation and attempt to make a model of what measurable and unique effect it would exhibit. Then search data bases of information of Gamma and such for the pattern. It is a very odd thing, but it is a direct consequence of the resolution of the "Einstein space-time" paradox. This has troubled me for decades and it is a real mind twister to try and visualize how the pinch effect ( for example ) can occur and not be paradoxical. I wonder, does somebody or something have a map that would indicate points of travel that are possible at FTL? It would seem an absolute necessity, like Lewis and Clark preceding further exploration. That map would be worth something. Oh well, it won't happen today or even soon, but it is interesting and perhaps I will find something I can use from the ideas. I do think that it is possible to have a quantum gravity sensor, but that would require a deep mine, near absolute zero, and some other goodies. I am guessing that some of the "mine shafts" are not what they seem. I don't presume to be more talented than everyone, so I am guessing that somebody else knows this also. I encounter it all the time. New ideas are difficult to relate to a science steeped in tradition. Things are changing so fast now compared to the 1960's or 1970's. And even faster compared to 1200 A.D. I suppose. Unless I assume that I am the brightest person on the planet then it is reasonable that others have already discovered these relationships and are working to apply the knowledge in some fashion or other. A gravidar ( similar to radar ) would be a seriously valuable device in the perspective of the governments of the Earth. I can interpolate from the products that are produced, what level of understanding is in play. I make fun of LHC, but I now have a guess at what is really going on. Whether their understanding is clear or convolved, the consequence and application is obvious. I think I get it now, I am a little weak on the understanding of why people do stuff, but now it seems consistent. I wonder if I could wrangle a name out of the Internet matrix? Where is Gravity? Which brings up another of those odd associations with they way information gets accidentally moved about the intertubes by weak choices and lack of shtml. ?hl=en&q=gravity+iowa Oh my dear, the dark lattice there in SQL is even more convolved than astrophysics or nuclear structure.


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I've been wondering this: is English your first language?

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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