That is odd!

I have been working to translate the equation of the universe into mechanics of current methods and it is a daunting task. It is an issue of foundational understanding. Perhaps it is the way the subject is taught. In the beginning we are exposed to classic physics, then waves, then matrix, then relativity and so on. As a result the mind set is convoluted and circular as it relates to the actual understanding. When you assume that anything is absolute and immutable, then you have a problem when it is observed to be incorrect. Like having hardware that can't run a specific instruction. The math is definitely hinky in some aspects and there is no doubt that the "effects" exist, it is only the clarity of understanding and how it can be used to extend and apply the knowledge.

\left [ \hat{b}, \hat{b}^\dagger \right ] = \left [ u \hat{a} + v \hat{a}^\dagger , u^* \hat{a}^\dagger + v^* \hat{a} \right ] = \cdots = \left ( |u|^2 - |v|^2 \right ) \left [ \hat{a}, \hat{a}^\dagger \right ]

It has recently made me wonder what people will do if they have unlimited energy and time. I have commented on the nature of some people before and the pattern of behaviour, which is characterised by the endless hunger of greed, seeks to consume everything to a singularity, like the concept of a massive black hole. Like the death of whales and buffalo and genocide and many other things, there is a character in some ( or maybe all ) that when given unlimited power, would attempt to apply it. This is all well and good if there is only one, as it means nothingness, but when there is more than one, it is an eternal chaos. I suppose that it will resolve when there are many and it becomes a new balance of another couple added infinities. I temper my judgement by the fact that as much damage as the human race does, a single asteroid or super volcano or GRB could leave the planet barren, so I suppose may hay while the GRB is not upon us, because the damage we do may be much less than what may well come naturally. I would hope that in the end there would something to show for the process. Perhaps it is enough that something survives.

There is a basic concept that is the hardest to grasp, which the fact that everything is infinite in its nature and there is no such thing as 1.

I discovered a very odd thing about light recently and it is very strange that 6 billion people can "look" at two different things and say they are the same. It has taken me 35 years to completely understand what I suspected in 1975, so it takes time to grasp the complexities and how they interact. It is odd and also expected that the translation of every effect has worked well and new things are discovered because of the differences in perspective. I see Einstein-ian relativity, Newton-ian mechanics, Heisenberg, and others, as sub sets of a complete system. It is no wonder there are so many conflicts between these ideas. I am still not sure that I will every occupy a room at Hilbert's Hotel.

I think it is the fact that "perfection" is taught as a foundational concept. Simple things like 1+1=2 and the absolute nature of it. It never enters a person's mind to wonder, "Is there a 1 to be added?". It is true and complete in the rules, but the rules are simply analogies of the universe and only real when they are applied to the situations from which they were derived.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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