The dark visions

It seems that less is more sometimes. I was reading the history of whaling and it is disturbing as they killed nearly all of the creatures to make lamp oil. And the buffalo is another. It seems as if the mind set is to destroy the very nature of existence for some brief glory. I am part North American Indian and I doubt that explains how much it bothers me.

I can say for certain that space is not warped by gravity and there is no such thing as a "photon". I have said before that there is no such dimension as time and that is simply a logical construct or attribute of the constantly changing universe. Collecting two specific elements of a large set and disassociating them are not paired actions. I find it quite odd that anyone would consider that the differential gravity of a black hole would disassociate something and then perfectly construct it again. Once a set is disconnected, it requires quite a coincidence for even a few bonds to return to a previous state. Once all the different theories are twisted and realigned it is obvious what make superconducting and many other things.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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