Deep thought molecules

Last month researchers at Michigan announced some things about molecular computing, MIT recently, and I have done some work.

I have been doing some work on parallel computing and found a programming method that will work for massively parallel architectures. There are several things that will be pivot technology in the coming year. One is AI or molecular intelligence. Another is the physics of the universe complete. Another is gravity technology. It means the end of many terrestrial businesses and governments.

A strange world is coming and I can see parts of it, but as always, it is a chaotic attractor. A leap in compute power by a scale of 1016 would be extremely odd. When combined with the state equation of the universe it becomes even more bizarre, as I have seen some of the new things in the structure of matter.

  1. Parallel molecular computing
  2. Equation of matter
  3. Molecular level manufacturing
  4. FAL travel
  5. Robot probes
  6. Space based energy collection
  7. Knowledge from the universe

Relative effects that exist at velocities near light speed are poorly characterised and the extensions to that understanding will lead to some very strange science. I was studying "Cooper Pairs" and that is interesting, but it goes beyond that. I am making the computational framework that allows me to translate and transform the equations, so that it can be properly modelled and demonstrated in its many effects.

I am wondering what is going on down under the clouds of Jupiter. It seems to me that though the composition is quite odd on the surface, that matter in stasis will settle to its density, temperature, and pressure curves. I look forward to a time, soon, when the control of gravity will allow us to look beneath that veil of Hydrogen and Helium.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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