Seeing Lyman Forest for the trees and logic

The LaTeX for the equation. ( To be consistent ).

E_n = - {{m e^4} \over {2 \left( 4 \pi \varepsilon_0 \hbar \right)^2}} {1 \over n^2} = - {13.6 \over n^2} [\mbox{eV}]

Circled is the EM line in consideration.

This technique ( Lyman absorption ) is very similar to what I wanted to do to analyze for the existence of life outside the confines of our little planet. Essentially they take the fact that as a distant source of light travels toward us, it is shifted red and as it passes through different clouds it has subtractions for each thing it passes through. This image is one of many about that survey.

I am not a cosmologist, anymore than I am a specialist in any area. I was not aware of many things that are already done. There is however a higher level of abstraction that I can apply to the data as a programmer. I view the data as resulting from various scenarios or conjectures and instead of attempting to fit data to a scenario, I apply all new considerations as elements of a dynamic system of analysis that takes in to account every suspected cause-effect model. As a result the data and methods combinations interact to predict their own solutions.

I have a different perspective ( new assumptions which are based on analysis of matter ) and as a result see different aspects of the data. I cannot make dark matter spaceships yet, but I can guess at the properties. One aspect is that it would be invisible to electromagnetic radiation. Essentially, a ship the size of a planet could be sitting right in the solar system and we would not see it. I will continue to project along that line of thought while correlating the data. It seems that since they cannot absorb or emit EM rad ( while using this technology ), they would use a different method of communication. At the moment I have no idea what that would be as it would have to interact with the odd matter or a device compatible with that matter. In theory that could still be neutrino, but that seems like it would be intermediate tech.

For the sake of consideration, I will assume that life is everywhere in the universe and it is simply different enough to be overlooked. It seems reasonable that the vast spectrum outside the electromagnetic would be a real possibility. It seems to me that a species that lives in space could easily be evolved from dark matter and as such would be impervious to EM, xray, and lasers. It seems plausible to me, but they would be more than bizarre, they would be impossible to communicate with using any methods that I am aware of.

It is a reasonable hypothesis and explains many things, but as always I will add more dimensions to the analysis and continue to stir the soup.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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