Alien Dark Matter

I have been working on a gravity tunnel and realized that I can make a form of matter that is neutral to gravity. Essentially it moves about without being influenced by gravity to any great extent. It isn't anti-gravity per-se, but very close.

So I consider what happens if this is adopted, which it surely would be. I considered the properties of having a great deal of this material available and used for traveling or living in space. Oddly enough, I realized that if it was widely used, it would look generally like dark matter and dark energy. I looked at the map of darkness in matter and got spooked. If this is true, then we are seeing the alien culture that spreads throughout the entire galaxy. I can unlink inertia and gravity so that doesn't achieve this. It requires a specific type of matter to be able to make ships of this and it is feasible now, but would be very costly.

So we may already be able to see the aliens and if they are spread about the universe in the dark matter, we are really the dim witted slow cousins. One has to wonder what other tricks they have, but certainly a space faring race MUST have the Gravity Guild.

I am reasonably certain this is true.

It is just reduced gravity effect and not a complete cancel, but really, if I were taking off with .01G to deal with, it would make all the difference in the universe. The payload capacity and re-entry would be greatly enhanced.

I am surprised that nobody has figured out how to unlink gravity and inertia yet. I would have thought that would have dawned on somebody by now.

I am considering if it is possible that dark-like matter could occur naturally. I just thought of this, "It sounds like flubber". I hope Disney doesn't have a patent on it. :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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