Dark Matter again

I have to admit a misinterpretation of how Dark Matter was defined. Now that I have looked into the data, it is a compensation for angular velocities and movement. I had assumed incorrectly that it was intended to compensate for λ ( wavelength shifts ) as light traveled across the universe. Now that I understand the source, it seems a valid assumptions that "something" is present and causes changes in the conservation of angular momentum, and other observable actions. It is a reasonable analysis and it is added as a configurable variable in the overall scenario. I assume it can be explained by lack of gravity as well as increased gravity. If I were not aware that gravity could be manipulated, then I would accept that there is extra matter. However, the existence of intelligent activity can make the whole thing very convoluted.

I will integrate my n-body analysis with the available data of red shift and other indicators to create several scenarios that include the presence of the type of matter that I am looking for. If it exists near this star, then it can be factored out of some anomalies in planet motion, possibly.

I assume that a "Dark-Light Matter" spacecraft would be worth more than this entire planet in trade.

Gravitational lensing and the rings that form due to multi-path light from objects requires a lot of presumptions about the positions, intensities and structure of objects and I am not as convinced of the reality of it or of the effect of "Dark Energy". There are still many things that can influence matter on these scales. I will incorporate the data and the assumptions as options in a decision array and see what drops out. I wonder how they would measure the charge or any other strange particle at stellar distances? It is common for normal matter to be partitioned on momentum. In a system that exists in free space, the smaller particles always have the largest velocity, though the momentum is the same. In the sun , it is the electrons which are ejected, but that is not to say that other systems may expel other small components.

Neutrino detection is proceeding and I have some better choices for a detector.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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