Reimann Robots

  1. Blender flock
  2. elsamuko flocks (boids)

I am modifying this for red and black ants and super ants as they exist with multiple queens. I also have a test I wanted to try using Reimann integrals in n-Space. Boids and the blender animation are interesting. The implementation of boids by elsamuko is easy to modify and well programmed. There is an interesting intersect between genotype to phenotype and Reimann as well as swarm behaviour.

Interesting thought, is the internet starting to swarm, and is that what scares the governments so much? I saw some interesting things on emergent government and it seems that it would create a new informal structure. The parametrics are more complex than this, but I can see for myself that people with similar interest are likely to act in the same way, independent of any actual association.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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