The weather knows the butterfly's effect

Lagrange, Fourier and other transforms can be demonstrated symbolically in programming as a method which wraps a method to determine value, I assume. I am working on a generalised system that investigates flocks and also deals with abstract algebra in the interactions. I am integrating that with ants and the cave model of infinite dimensions. All of these mathematical techniques can be applied in some aspect and I suppose a naperian or natural transform is as valid a dimension as any. I suppose that a fourier along a Fibonacci spiral in 2D would be a function of some sort.

I am continuing the analysis of "gravitational magnetism", (which is probably a stupid name ) and I was looking at density waves today. There is a serious problem with the Einstein "Twin Paradox" that needs clarification. Relativistic analysis of the galaxies is needed, but by what model? These things have been approached and are less than 100 years old in their observation. Considering the number of spiral galaxies, it has to be a very strong attractor. I do not know if GM accounts for this, but I will take a spin ( pun intended ) about it, with flocking behaviour models. It does seem very consistent with observed patterns, and it is a ( C ) relativistic effect that acts like a Gravitational monopole. It would also seem that at high volumes and speeds that it would lead to bar formation as the direction of effect is counter to rotation for velocity inward orthogonal to the spin. Secondarily, it would induce velocity in the direction of acceleration to maintain the spiral velocity and avoid winding. It seems that if ( a big IF ) this is mathematically sound, that it could predict the velocities and be confirmed in the consistency of observation. I will make sure that I include this calculation in my flocking model so that I can "flock" hydrogen to a burning fusion orb. I suppose the model will be more complex, but that is just added fun.

I already have a proton and neutron model, but composite behaviour of those under extreme gravitational pressure and resultant fusion is really complicated.

The patenting of aspects of Synthia is really bizarre. I wonder if I could patent the model of the proton and then everybody who used one would have to pay a licensing fee based on how many they used. I think a dollar per proton, per year paid in advance would be a fair price. That is only about 1028 dollars per person. If they couldn't afford it, they would have to use some alternative sub atomic particle to conduct their life. 10,000 trillion trillion dollars per person is about 60,000 billion trillion trillion dollars and that is fair market value. It might be a damper on the economy, you think?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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