Fourier Time

As time goes by, the various tools become more familiar. It takes the brain some time and energy to establish the models for managing methods. It seems that I play blender, gimp, inkscape, zim, python, shell, ... like a piano now. I hardly notice that I perform a series of a dozen key strokes to get from one aspect to another. Triple reference frames with vector sums of a manifold is not an easy transform to nD → 4D → 3D → 2D, much is lost. I wish there was a better way to xform and that is a WIP. This is a Fourier transform product of the SG(Δt&S1δs·S2δs)<â133> time wing. A label for what happens in multiple simultaneous reference frames. Even ζ(s) eventually becomes familiar. This is the sum of the vector product in time and space. I really dislike the fact that time is assumed to be a real dimension. It is the relative relationship of change and so is as arbitrary as the direction North.

Another interesting thing is some thoughts about the brain in a holistic way. Here is a link to a "Research Fellow", Steven Lehar at Harvard. I have come to realise that some aspects of superconducting theory can be applied at room temperature ( actually any T°K ) and explain some really odd happening at the molecular level with DNA and proteins. I suppose that it is possible that the brain also acts as a multi-mode resonant parallel computer on top of a serial computer. Nature seems to come up with some really odd combinations. Isn't a flying parasite odd ? Plant/fungus sex is sure some kinky stuff. It seems to me that thought at a chemical level in the cell and its amplification and fine tuning, is consistent with the idea of holistic interaction and the gross process of neural action. It seems to me that the "Matrix" is a possibility, but what would the gain be to control a bunch of funky bio jerks, when a cyborg is much more manageable and effective for most purposes.

Hey, I thought of a good movie. Terminator III where people dress up as terminators to infiltrate the cyborgs. It could be told from the viewpoint of a cyber girl who is the future parent of all cyborgs. Synthia Borgia


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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