In the year 2025, if robots are still alive

I spy with someone's eye or perhaps I spy with an electronic eye. The title is a reference to the Zager and Evans song "In the Year 2525".

More interesting raw data here I think these aliens are using a gimp extension that we don't have. I want a tool that marks galaxies and zooms on the frequency data. This Galaxy is about 10B LY away If I travel a billion light years ( 5.879 trillion miles × 109 ) every year, I will be there in ten years. That is only about 6 billion trillion miles a year and 3.154× 107 seconds per year means about 1.864 × 1014 miles per second. It does not allow a lot of sight seeing on the way and by the time I get there, the universe would have changed, so it is a big task, but somebody has to do it. And this.

&times; 10 <sup>Y</sup> is how to represent × 10 Y in HTML

diameter of the observable universe 93 billion ly
9.082x10^26 meters
About 10^81 cubic meters

I discovered a very interesting thing about light recently. I am able to view molecules in motion ( up to a certain V , anyway ) and I now understand how the definition of light itself can be so confounding ( photon, wave ). Einstein Relativity is very difficult to grasp and it is said that few if any, really get it. I understand it as a step toward the whole picture. It is complex, but once more information is available, it gets simpler. I was wondering this morning about the fact that everyone calls it "sun rise" instead of something else. From our perspective on a rotating merry go round it is correct that the universe rises each morning and night, but everything is relative anyway, so it matters little to me what a rose is called.

I am trying to comprehend what the relativity of energy means. I spoke of it before. If an object is moving toward me at V, then it has energy , but if I am also at V, then it has no energy with respect to me anyway.

There is a relationship there that stems from the nature of light itself and the definition of "Work ( physics )". It seems that potential energy is relative to position, but is it also relative to some other state? It seems that if Ek is relative then Ep is also relative and there is a deeper knowledge to be gained by understanding the n-Space topology of that relationship.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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