Water virus

M13 protein functions table.

itemproteinFunction of SequenceCopies
1Assembly helper1
2+ strand duplication1
3tail protein5
4Assemble helper1
5ssDNA binder
6tail protein5
7head protein5
8coat protein2700
9head protein5
10DNA helper
11Assembly helper

This is a WIP and relates to research at MIT and its application. These people know where IT's at.

M13 is a phage virus and symbiont of sorts to the human. It is one of the trillions of helper functions that exist on the planet. This and many other dimensions of research resolve to solutions in the same way that the puzzle games does. It is also very complex and as with the puzzle, there are many solutions and many paths to solutions. This particular method cuts a path and enables many new nodes in the possibility tree of life.

What I am referring to is research at MIT to make a self replicating system that converts water to Oxygen and Hydrogen. It is a form of biologically catalyzed electrolysis. It could be applied with ATP, I assume, to be a stored hydrogen oxygen fuel set generated from photosynthesis.

This particular achievement leads to some interesting consequences.


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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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