Puzzle trees

This is what I expect my puzzle tree to look like when I get done. I chose green for all paths that lead to solution, yellow as solution and all branches that remain solved with moves of other pieces, red for loops, gray for dead branches.

I will use a base size and halve it for each branch and rotate on the y-z for each new branch in the main trunk and rotating normal to the path for others. Red loop markers will move back to the last branch and flow the curvature and length until it is the same in degree across all segments.

I also plan to turn it inside out with the same color scheme as a cave and each branch is a path in the cave with colors showing the type of branch and numbers to indicate how deep, and how many branches. I also plan to have the puzzle image show up in each node.

I plan to use a phased OpenGL display method that outlines and then fills in as time goes by based on ray tracing. Moving returns to the stick or wire frame like representation which then becomes more detailed, the longer it remains in one place.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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