Redux FLTK glpuzzle

So, by playing around with the puzzle while I watch open course ware I came up with a different end point and I assume it has a handed solution also. It was not obvious and I was wrong that I could see all the tree paths in my head. So I will do what I should have done and make an application that builds the tree in 3D as an opengl object and allows me to travel about in the tree and see the images of the puzzle at each point in the diagram.

Hopefully this will give me some insight into why I assumed incorrectly that I had imaged the entire tree, unless this is a branch too wide for consideration. So I make it. I will use the FLTK and the source to extend the game with a tree solution viewer and submit it to FLTK as a test object, just for fun.

This gives me a chance to apply some neural array techniques from this:
which is a Google Tech Talk on neural arrays and is very interesting.

Also I am working on a diff and patch existential projected entity. It isn't as odd as it seems and the concept is similar to a wiki in some ways. A remote computer / entity has a state which it communicates that is different from the last ACK'd state. Each end of the communication ACKs updates and maintains the changes as differing personalities of the machine. It allows the operation of the remote independently and allows reversion on a failure mode. It requires immediate duplication on every ACK'd change for the sake of comparison. If the system is inherently extensible then this is not an issue. The key is to have a computational element that can encompass all logic in its extension.

If it is possible , nature already did it. At least that is my starting assumption for anything. So if there is organic matter between the stars. and it is possible to teleput structure then it would seem that the road to infinity is paved with possibilities. That is not how nature would implement interstellar travel and so I will consider what possible mechanism could allow a "teleput" of life. There is one other thing that is nagging me and this is a gravity telescope that happens naturally. I do wish I was had more access to data, but eventually it will all coalesce. Well this is an interesting molecule H-C11N from my experience in the lab.

This is a more current link for molecules at JPL.


As the analysis continues there are some very interesting things that show up. Here is another end game and I have the strange matrix that describes the paths. It is informative and like the einstein game it gives me some new insights along with some experience modifying others code. After some analysis there is a framework for the creation of a dynamically forward and back, multiply linked list with some extra characteristics. It is interesting and something to do with the previous dimensionality solutions. It results in some very informative 3D graphics. It looks very much like code maps and so it is going to link with all the other techniques.

for (i=0;i<makesize;i++){ for (j=0;j<makesize;j++){ for (k=0;k<makesize;k++){ makehere[i][j][k]=0; }}}

This is part of the cave like interaction conversion for nD structure transform. The cave dressing is just to add some entertainment to something that can be very dull. And where does the energy go? It was never there to begin with. It is a balanced equation.

I have a strange feeling that this game and the associated code are going to be completely rewritten before I am through. It has some aspects that need to be learned and this is the only way I know to do that. It lets me learn more about FLTK, which is what I wanted anyway.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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