Google search volume reveals trends for slashdot

The picture pretty much tells the whole story ( No offense Edward Tufte ). No kittehs were hurt to create this information, Wow, Google says that /. dies in 2011. Perhaps it is time for some new ideas CmdrTaco.

LOLcats may have jumped the shark too.

This is a neat Google tool. I think this is why Microsoft is so worried. If trends continue, Microsoft will drop off the map completely about 2014. The interesting thing that I see in the relationship of Microsoft and Apple is the graph of a duopoly relationship. Ubuntu is the outside player. It seems that Ubuntu takes from Microsoft and adds to Apple in some strange way. There is a synergy somewhere and that must be X apps. I suppose that this is why Ms is pretending to support open source to ultimately confuse consumers.

Coke versus Pepsi is a classic duopoly and they must advertise to maintain the stalemate. That is a classic equilibrium.It seems that Ms and Ap are doing this.

As you can see, ants cause hurricanes which cause Hitler.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen