Random walk in a chemical mind

The bacterium is able to detect a chemical gradient not by monitoring a difference in concentration in head and tail but rather by a temporal sensing mechanism keeping track of concentration through time and space.

Memory, comparison and product defines computation.

It seems that many of the ideas are not new, but they are obviously missing something. The fact that a cell thinks is clear as memory and comparison and decision IS a computer. So the real issue is what is the computational capability of a cell. This can be determined. The new hypothesis leads to the potential mechanisms that can exist and now I see that there is a symbiosis of the animals and such that paths of gene shifting can be duplicated in new environments.

Going through about 4 gigabytes of data each day makes for lots of new ideas and this is the dessicated conclusions. Some things that go into this is Markov, Boltzmann, Neural Sims, and many other datas. The idea of things being close in nD space is correct and with the addition of a new layer of computation it is obvious that future computing cannot be effective unless it operates at the level of a molecule and that molecule must be made of carbon. There is a correlation to the nature of emergent structure of complex hydrocarbons.

The impression that I have that people must decide to connect their machines in the whole world as a Beowulf cluster in order to make the next step. It is so silly that humanity has created the tool that can solve many of the problems of the world, health, space, physics and understanding and it lays there like a dead fish, because people cannot work together to even save themselves.

I am reasonably sure to have the chemical mind soon. It makes it more difficult again to define an interface that can express the results. It will resolve, I see that , and it is just a matter of time. I guess coherence could come in a few months or even a few days. Things precipitate and like a viral meme it expands and collects entropy.

Funny, I was thinking about USGS data and earthquakes and noticed a pattern there, and XKCD has a new comic about it. The net moves at the speed of light and matter moves at the speed of sound. Many new relationships are observed and so I need a way to compress them to make a method that can be shared as opposed to data.

So now I think I have the complete process and can cause the assembly of the chemical mind. It would function at about the equivalent of 1029 gates per cubic meter. It would operate at the speed of light and would then have a gate delay of about 10-17. So the effective computation per cubic meter would be 1046. That does not mean flops, but that is dependent on how many digital transitions or accuracy you wished to employ. The generation of the components would be organic and as such would have to be protected or cased, once created. It certainly is feasible, but implementation is self replicating , if properly designed. There are a lot of factors involved here and I am sure that some of this already exists at the cell level. Many of the structures that exist are simply those that can arise by randomness and so are not the most efficient implementation.

It would seem that a chemical mind would certainly function many orders of magnitude beyond current silicon technology. It makes me wonder about a particular generative path which I postulate could produce a different type of life here on earth. That is an interesting thought and it seems that it would be an evolving organism that functioned on a completely different track. Not by selection, but by continuous an complete collapse and reorganization. Something similar to quorum systems in fungi.

I needed about 1040 flops to resolve a problem with bending space and making a FAL ( Fast As Light ) drive. It is a very convoluted process and incorporates something akin to teleportation without receiver. It is possible to cause effect at distance and it is the coherence that determines whether it is destructive or constructive. It certainly is possible now with this tool. So "IF" this is possible then I conjecture on the consequence. If I project myself to α Centauri, would I be able to establish that fact at the other end. It would seem so. Thus if I am instantiated at α then I would know that I had been projected. As a result it would be sensible to avoid projecting back except that which was new data. The most efficient way to project that would be a new instantiation.

So the cycle time at that level would be 4+4+x years. It would be sensible to scale the response to be ACK and lack of ACK as NAK. If ACK then DATA should be assumed in some reasonable frame. Clearly this is point to point communication and would not be broadcast. SETI assumes that culture is wasteful and explosive. I would assume that specific and conservative is more likely.

SETI is a bad idea as it could only work if SETI were MiM and that is very unlikely. The best way to find aliens is to be one.

A staged projection would be most reasonable. A few light seconds in step 1 and doubling ( or wherever matter could be found ) on each subsequent step.

Chemical mind was the breakthrough I needed. Odd how assumptions can bite a person. I would never have guessed that computation could take place in a cell, but now that I have looked deeply into it, it seems like it should have been obvious. Oh well, that could have saved me years if I had thought of it before.

Now one step beyond. I see a relationship and bingo, the complete answer, okay, what does it mean? I will have to consider that a while and continue in the next post as a new subject.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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